The universal HPTLC mix: A new concept for system suitability tests in HPTLC

5 March 2024

In this video, CAMAG presents a webinar where a new method for system suitability tests (SST) in high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) is discussed. Dr. Tiên Do, Head of Laboratory, explains the importance of SSTs in chromatography and how they are used to assess the performance of the system and ensure the reliability of results. The new method presented involves using a specially designed plate with eight reference compounds that can be analyzed simultaneously with the sample. The reference compounds cover a range of polarities and Rf values, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the HPTLC system. The webinar serves as a practical guide for researchers and practitioners in HPTLC who are interested in improving their SST procedures and ensuring the reliability of their results.