The role and importance of library preparation in personalized phage therapy

2 May 2023

Tailored Antibacterials and Innovative Laboratories for phage (Φ) Research (TAILΦR) is a Baylor College of Medicine initiative aiming to deliver personalized and effective treatments for challenging antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.

In this presentation, Dr. Austen Terwilliger, Director of Operations for TAILΦR Labs, explores how next-generation sequencing (NGS) has become the platform of choice for constructing and characterizing bacteriophage libraries for phage therapy of human infections.

Here, Terwilliger presents a brief overview of a phage therapy pipeline, outlines potential outcomes for some patients who received phage cocktails, and details how the Tecan MagicPrep™ NGS platform is designed to shorten turnaround time and aid in analyzing purified preparations.

This talk was presented, in partnership with Tecan, at SLAS2023.