Enabling technology for cell & gene therapy

16 December 2020

Watch this presentation by Dr. Keith R. Olson, Vice President at Corning Life Sciences, titled: Enabling technology for cell and gene therapy. This talk was presented at the SelectScience® Virtual Biopharmaceutical Summit 2020.

Presentation abstract

Corning’s continuous commitment to innovation in cell culture technology has now expanded into the Cell & Gene Therapy arena, where we have focused on solutions for cell isolation, cell expansion, and viral vector production to support this emerging market. The Cell & Gene Therapy market has shown explosive growth as more and more novel therapies show promise both in the clinic and in practice for those treatments that have already been launched.

Corning Life Sciences continues to leverage our core expertise in cell culture technology, and we will address three areas of innovation that are helping to support these emerging market demands.

  • The advantages of the Corning® HYPERStack® platform for rapid, efficient production of small-scale viral vector batches
  • Our latest innovation in cell expansion to support Cell & Gene Therapies called the Corning Ascent™ Fixed Bed Bioreactor, taking cell expansion and viral vector production to the next level beyond HYPERStack
  • A novel technology called X-Series that has been commercialized in collaboration with Thermogenesis which achieves cell processing and cell isolation using a buoyancy-based approach as opposed to magnetic particles