Breakthrough cell line development technologies

22 January 2024

Lonza is tackling the challenges of optimizing host cell lines for complex therapeutic production head-on with groundbreaking cell line development technologies. In this video, Dr. Bernie Sweeney, Director R&T, and Dr. Peter O'Callaghan, Head of Expression System Sciences at Lonza discuss the company's innovative approach to developing the next generation of host cell lines.

Sweeney and O’Callaghan discuss the new GS Effex® Cell Line which is designed to help overcome challenges in immunotherapy research and development related to the need for antibody therapeutics to have increased potency. Learn more about how Lonza's licensing team supports customers worldwide, offering seamless integration of the GS Effex® cell line into industry-standard expression systems. Plus, Sweeney and O’Callaghan take a deep dive into Lonza’s bYlok® technology, designed to solve the light-heavy chain mispairing challenge in bispecific antibody manufacturing. Hear how the combination of bYlok® technology with knobs-into-holes technology ensures high rates of full assembly of bispecific antibodies, exceeding 95 percent efficiency. Combining bYlok® with tools such as the GS piggyBac® transposase technology enables increased efficiency and higher titers, at both small scale and bioreactor scale.