Breaking barriers: Unravelling cell heterogeneity with single-cell proteomics

19 June 2023

The Cell Diversity Lab at the Technical University of Denmark is utilizing mass spectrometry-based proteomics to unravel fundamental biological concepts controlling heterogeneity within complex biological systems.

In this video, Prof. Erwin Schoof, Associate Professor, Cell Diversity Lab, Technical University of Denmark, explains how the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ Astral™ mass spectrometer is revolutionizing single-cell proteomics, enabling the Cell Diversity Lab to characterize low abundant proteins such as transcription factors, kinases, and epigenetic regulators which were previously undetectable by mass spectrometry. Prof. Schoof also discusses his thoughts on the future of single-cell proteomics and the ever-increasing role he believes multiplex data independent acquisition will play in improving the throughput of single-cell analysis.

This video was filmed at ASMS 2023.