Accelerating science: 25 years of mass spectrometry innovations

4 July 2023

Join Kerry Parker, CEO at SelectScience, in an insightful discussion with Dan Shine, Senior Vice President and President, Analytical Instruments, Asia Pacific and Latin America at Thermo Fisher Scientific. In this video, they delve into the remarkable technological and data revolution currently shaping the science industry. Together, they explore the pivotal advancements in mass spectrometry that have propelled the field of analytical science forward.

In the video, Shine also shares valuable insights on the essential factors for a successful technology launch, shedding light on the keys to triumph in this dynamic realm. Furthermore, Shine delves into the pivotal role that advances in data analytics, precision medicine, and the pursuit of clean energy will play in the future. Discover how these key elements are poised to drive further acceleration in scientific endeavors, opening new avenues of exploration and innovation.