Accelerate productivity: How to fast track and optimize your analytical workflows

21 January 2022

In this video, Sheila Sichani, product manager of method and application services, and Michael Zumwalt, application consulting lead at Agilent Technologies, discuss the Method & Applications Services. These services have been tailored to meet individual customer needs and guide method maintenance, optimization, implementation, and development with help from a global team of scientific experts that have specialist knowledge on all Agilent equipment and a variety of applications that fit many workflow needs. 

Sichani and Zumwalt outline how these services can accelerate productivity and reduce the number of steps arising between method development and result generation. Zumwalt will also introduce the Focused Solutions Services, which fast track your analytical workflows (e.g. biopharma) and offer direct access to training guides and consumables, allowing customers to become confident and independent in their ability to use instrumentation to meet their analytical needs.