Simplify and accelerate protein sample preparation with automated buffer exchange
14 Apr 2020

Buffer exchange is an essential step to prepare proteins for any characterization work. Conventional exchange methods can take a long time to complete, are labor-intensive and difficult to manage in large numbers. Big Tuna was developed as a fully automated, versatile buffer exchange platform to address these challenges.

This webinar will explore three applications that would benefit from using Big Tuna:

  • Concentrating dilute proteins after purification
  • Biologics formulation development
  • Protein cleanup after labeling
Key learning objectives:
  • Gain insights on how automating buffer exchange can increase sample throughput, improve sample quality, and increase your time away from the centrifuge
  • Discover how automated buffer exchange can be used on different sample preparation workflows
  • Who should attend
    • Protein purification scientists who are looking to speed up protein concentration steps
    • Formulation scientists who are looking to efficiently screen and select formulation buffers for development
    • Scientists who want to find a method to reduce the time needed to clean up samples after labeling.

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