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QC Biologics Solutions using Long-Read Sequencing
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Striking progress in nanopore technologies has significantly enhanced the precision, read length, and throughput of sequencing single-long DNA and RNA molecules. Harnessing these breakthroughs demands robust experimental and bioinformatics methods to unlock the full potential of nanopore long reads in studying genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes.

In this webinar, Glen Monroe, Field Application Scientist, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, will explore how Oxford Nanopore Technologies is developing nanopore long-read sequencing technology, with a clear focus on quality, accuracy and accreditation. Furthermore, Gerben Menschaert, CSO and Dr. Steven Verbruggen, Head of Bioinformatics,, will provide an overview of the different solutions based on long-read sequencing for biologics quality testing, where multiple use cases will be outlined. These include viral vector, plasmid, and transfected cell line characterization.

Key learning objectives

  • Explore the recent advancements in Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ long-read sequencing
  • Discover solutions for biologics quality testing
  • Explore bioinformatics solutions for QC biologics

Who should attend?

  • Those working in cell and gene therapy, mRNA therapy, immune therapy, and more generally, those working in therapeutics and pharma.

Certificate of attendance
All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.