Get the Rundown on Your Protein with Same-Time Quality & Concentration Measurements
28 May 2019

This webinar introduces:
Collecting quantification and characterization data of biologics often requires a large amount of protein and multiple instruments. See how Lunatic makes batch-wise concentration measurements a breeze by using just 2 µL of sample, and eliminating dilution steps and cross-contamination risks. Measure up to 96 samples in just 5 minutes, even at high concentrations. Want to take your protein quant up a notch? Stunner merges all the cool things Lunatic can do with DLS on a single platform. Along with concentration, Stunner enables you to measure the expected size and polydispersity, and aggregation propensity, of your proteins in one shot. Experts will also discuss how you can create your own applications on Stunner to customize the data output the way you want.

Webinar outcomes:

  • Learn how to perform advanced UV/Vis analysis to quantify proteins
  • See how simultaneous DLS measurements add value to protein quantification
  • Learn how to measure the aggregation propensity of your proteins with light scattering

Who should attend:
  • Scientists who want to learn more about DLS
  • Scientist who want to learn more about UV/Vis for quantifying proteins
  • Researchers interested in tools to evaluate protein concentration or protein quality
  • Anyone interested in characterizing biologics

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