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Get the full scoop on your ADC from microliters
30 Mar 2023

The Problem: Working with ADCs can really be a nightmare. They are sticky and throw up a fight when you try to characterize them: first you never have enough for all tests you need to run and then they are likely to aggregate before you have a chance to complete your testing.

The Solution: Unchained Labs is all about providing solutions that only need a few microliters of sample, combine a bunch of measurements into one experiment and get you your data fast. Stunner quantifies proteins and labelling efficiency, plus it gauges sample quality by assessing aggregates. Uncle monitors stability of your biologic and is your go-to when testing formulations, both in quick thermal ramps and in long term isothermal tests. Honeybun treats you to viscosity data with small volumes and takes no time. Sweet.

The Proof: Join our webinar and check out concentration, labeling, stability, and viscosity data of a mAb and its conjugate. We'll show you how to use Unchained Labs tools to squeeze all that info from only a couple of microliters of sample – to give you the full scoop, and no nightmares.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to determine multiple critical protein and ADC parameters fast, requiring only small volumes
  • Discover how to quantitate protein concentration and labeling efficiency of an ADC
  • Explore how to assess conformational and colloidal stability in thermal ramps and long-term experiments
  • Understand how to measure protein formulation viscosity fast, with only microliters of sample

Who should attend?

  • Researchers and scientists studying the stability of proteins and ADCs
  • Lab managers, core team personnel, and research directors looking for solutions to unleash their biologic

Certificate of attendance
All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

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