Accelerate assay development and reduce cycle times for AAV quantification in complex biological samples
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Assessing AAV vector quality in gene therapy manufacturing is crucial, but the current gold standard, serotype-specific ELISA, has its drawbacks — time-consuming and prone to matrix effects. In this webinar, Dr. Yoann Saucereau from ExcellGene reveals how a label-free approach not only cut down on complexities in biological matrices but also enabled a quick, routine method. Now, ExcellGene effortlessly analyzes up to 96 samples in under 30 minutes for efficient AAV platform development.

Key learning objectives

  • Explore how suitable QC workflows are established in AAV development and manufacturing
  • Discover the critical role of assay design and development to determine correct binding kinetics, affinity values or analyte concentrations
  • Consider the optimization and evaluation of an AAV titer assay in comparison to Octet® AAVX Biosensors

Who should attend?

  • Lab researchers

Certificate of attendance
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