LNP formulation just got sunnier with the Sunny Suite

The problem

LNP researchers spend time screening, optimizing, and scaling up experiments to get optimal performance, spot-on targeting, and controlled API release. Factors like solubility, pH stability, payload release, encapsulation, and more all hinge on particle size, shape, and structure. That means exploring a considerable number of formulation and process parameters one by one to get it right. Once you have found the perfect formulation, scaling up typically means switching instruments and re-optimizing your settings all over again, with single-use consumables increasing costs along the way.

The solution

The Sunny Suite platforms: Sunscreen is the only automated and high-throughput screening platform for LNP formulation. Run up to 96 experiments in under six hours to power through your LNP formulation discovery phase. When you’ve identified your winners, use Sunshine for protocol development, process optimization, and rapid scale-up. Sunshine can run up to 10 experiments in just 15 minutes – letting you fine-tune size and design the perfect process in a short time. When you’re ready to scale-up, switch the instrument to Continuous Mode and make tens of liters in a day. Sunny Suite platforms use the exact same methods and reusable Sunnies so handover between platforms is totally seamless.

The proof

In this webinar, discover first-hand data results demonstrating the power and flexibility of the Sunny Suite platforms for high-throughput formulation screening through process optimization and pre-clinical scale-up. Join Dr. Ben Knappett, Product Manager in LNP Solutions as he discusses how to significantly accelerate your screening stage by performing up to 96 experiments in under six hours – testing combinations of individual lipids, payloads, flow rates, ratios, and sample sizes. Furthermore, explore how easy it is to optimize your process, switching out flow rates and ratios, then scale-up to continuous flow on the same instrument.

Key learning objectives

  • Gain an industry perspective on challenges of LNP formulation and optimization, including the variables and practices involved
  • Discover how to accelerate LNP formulation screening with varying formulation components (lipids, reagents, flow rates and ratios)
  • Explore true flexibility for process optimization and scale-up using the same instrument with trusted reproducibility across samples

Who should attend?

LNP Researchers

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.


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Ben Knappett
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