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New epMotion 96 Flex transforms pipetting workflows

28 Apr 2024
New epMotion 96 Flex transforms pipetting workflows

Geoff Simmons unveiled Eppendorf’s new epMotion® 96 Flex at analytica 2024. This versatile system is designed to bridge the gap between handheld and fully automated pipetting systems and provide the required precision, accuracy, and throughput. Featuring exchangeable dispensing heads, a compact design for biosafety cabinet compatibility, and ISO 23783-2 accreditation, the epMotion® 96 Flex ensures user-friendly and compliant operations to meet your cell culture requirements and transform your molecular biology workflows.

This video was filmed at analytica 2024.

Get ready to meet your new edition to the team - Eppendorf epMotion® 96 Flex.

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