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03 Sep 2019

In recent years, research into the human microbiome, our personal communities of diverse microorganisms, has thrived. However, when it comes to the true importance of these microbes, there is still a lot to be uncovered. In this article, we cover the latest advancements in microbiome research, from the development of biotherapeutics to counter inflammatory bowel disease, to groundbreaking discoveries in the world of gut microbes. Plus, find out how Eppendorf’s bioprocessing systems can help support your microbiome research. 

Standardizing microbiome research: culture from discovery to production

Find out more about Eppendorf’s microbiome culture workflow, including information on the diverse culturing needs of gut microbes and the scalable bioprocess systems that are available for culture research to production.

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Creating novel microbial technology for gut biotherapeutics

Don Whitley Scientific A25 Anaerobic Workstation
Don Whitley Scientific A25 Anaerobic Workstation

Find out how anaerobic workstations from Don Whitley Scientific are being used to develop novel Clostridium-assisted drug delivery platforms for biotherapeutics to counter inflammatory bowel disease.

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Efficient ribosomal RNA depletion against any species for RNA-seq

Discover siTOOLs’ method for designing, producing, and testing the performance of rRNA depletion probes (riboPOOL) against the current commercial solution for human and mouse total RNA samples.

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Host DNA depletion for deeper microbiome and metagenome analysis

SelectNA™plus robot for MolYsis-SelectNA™plus
SelectNA™plus robot for MolYsis by Molzym GmbH & Co. KG

In many samples, host DNA greatly outnumbers microbial DNA. Discover how MolYsis™ technology from Molzym is designed for the depletion of host DNA before extraction of microbial DNA to increase the power of resolution of microbial structures.

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High-throughput microbiome characterization

Watch Mike Humphrys describe a novel automated workflow for 16S rRNA sequencing using the mosquito HV genomics liquid handling platform from TTP Labtech. This method promises dramatically reduced hands-on time and reagent consumption with miniaturized reaction volumes.

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