Top List: Top 8 Mass Spectrometry Videos from ASMS 2019

Watch the latest expert interviews from this year’s American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) conference

19 Jul 2019

SelectScience editors attended the 67th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Atlanta, Georgia, from June 2-6, 2019, to bring you the latest news on mass spectrometry innovations and applications. In this article, we highlight eight of the best expert interviews conducted at this year’s event with industry leaders in the field.

1. Mass Spectrometry’s Exciting Future

Professor John McLean from Vanderbilt University explores the direction of future advancements in mass spectrometry and its ever-growing potential, including improved data quality, simplification of use, and miniaturization of systems — with the overall aim of enabling large quantities of complex data to be turned into actionable results within a short timeframe and digging deeper into contemporary scientific questions. 


2. Identifying True Unknowns in Water with High-Resolution Mass Spec

Dr. Susan Richardson, Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Carolina and ASMS President for 2020, shares her team’s new research around hydraulic fracturing and its impact on drinking water. She explains the basis of gas and oil extraction through fracturing, the impacts and challenges of these processes, and how mass spectrometry is used in their efforts to make drinking water as safe as possible.


3. Addressing Needs and Concerns with the BioAccord LC-MS System

Dr. Henry Shion, Principal Scientist for Waters, explores how the BioAccord LC-MS System is designed to exceed user expectations surrounding robustness, reproducibility, ease of use, informatics capabilities, maintenance requirements, and size of footprint.


4. Native Mass Spectrometry for Rapid Protein Analysis

Professor Michal Sharon, from the Weizmann Institute of Science, shares how her multidisciplinary lab is using and developing native mass spectrometry to understand the structure-function relationship of large protein complexes.


5. Automating Biopharmaceutical Characterization Mass Spectrometry Data

Dr. Andrew Mahan of Janssen describes the opportunities to automate data acquisition and analysis of biopharmaceutical characterization using mass spectrometry. Mahan discusses perspectives on the new BioAccord LC-MS System, from Waters, including the benefits of an all-in-one simplified system with built-in applications.


6. Increasing Productivity and Confidence in Mass Spectrometry Results

Dr. Jamie Moroco, from the Broad Institute, discusses the recently installed BioAccord LC-MS System from Waters. Moroco shares insight into data quality and acquisition, why she invested in the system, peptide mapping applications, and how her protein science researchers without a mass spectroscopy background are achieving a greater sense of ownership and reducing time to results.


7. Analyzing Intact Peptides Using LC-MS for Translational Research

Dr. Richard Kay from the Metabolic Research Laboratories at Cambridge University shares how he and his team use mass spectrometry to identify and quantify intact peptides related to diabetes. Kay explains the benefits of using mass spectrometry over immunoassays for peptide analysis, as well as addressing the current challenges of the technique.


8. Outlining the Features and Benefits of BioAccord LC-MS System

Dr. Ruth Wamsley, Principal Development Scientist at Waters, discusses her role in developing the new easy-to-use BioAccord LC-MS System, where the focus was on offering exceptional usability, minimal downtime, and improved speed and efficiency of laboratory workflows. 


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