Top List: Don't Miss! Most Popular Clinical Articles in November

10 Dec 2014

Keep up-to-date with the very latest diagnostic news at SelectScience. This article lists some of the most popular clinical diagnostics news and application articles published during November 2014.

Ventana Announces Collaboration to Develop Companion Diagnostics for ImmunoGen's Targeted Anticancer Agents 
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. announced it had entered into an agreement with ImmunoGen, Inc. to collaborate on the development of biomarker assays and a companion diagnostic immunohistochemistry test. The companies have created an initial test for folate receptor alpha that is being used in early trials of IMGN853, ImmunoGen’s FRα-targeting antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).

Using the In Situ PCR Adapter
The Techne in situ PCR adapter (PRIME/ISHA) can be used to convert a 96-well Prime or PrimeG gradient thermal cycler to an in situ instrument as simply as inserting a PCR plate. The adapter accommodates up to four standard glass microscope slides. In this application note, the thermal profile of the adapter surface is compared to the 96-well thermal cycler block with a view to recommending ways of optimizing PCRs to achieve the required temperature changes, while taking into account the increased thermal mass of the adapter.

Swallowing a Sponge on a String Could Replace Endoscopy as Pre-Cancer Test 
Cancer Research UK announced that swallowing a sponge on a string could replace traditional endoscopy as an equally effective but less invasive way of diagnosing a condition that can be a forerunner of esophageal cancer. The results of a Cancer Research UK trial involving more than 1,000 people were presented at the National Cancer Research Institute’s annual conference in Liverpool, UK.

EKF Diagnostics Enters Collaborative Relationship with Joslin Diabetes Center
EKF Diagnostics announced that it had entered a multi-year, collaborative relationship with Joslin Diabetes Center ("Joslin") in support of the ongoing clinical and commercial translation of TNFR1 and 2 biomarkers. These novel biomarkers can help identify patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes that are at an increased risk of developing end stage renal disease (ESRD), up to 10 years in advance.

Producing Accurate Results Starts with Effective Calibration
Sarah Kee, QC Scientific Consultant at Randox Laboratories, discusses the reasons why effective instrument calibration should be viewed as the foundation of all laboratory patient testing.

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics and Seegene Announce Supply Agreement for Multiplex Reagents for VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System 
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics and Seegene Inc. announced a Molecular Diagnostic assay supply agreement. Under the agreement, Seegene will begin manufacturing reagents designed exclusively for Beckman Coulter’s new sample-to-answer Molecular Diagnostics instrument, the VERIS MDx System.