Top List: Immuno-oncology advances: From tumor microenvironments and CAR-T cell workflows to macrophage generation

Discover the latest technologies and techniques that are revolutionizing immuno-oncology research

22 Nov 2019

In recent years, research into immuno-oncology - using our own immune system to fight cancer - has thrived. However, when it comes to the true capability and role the immune system can play, there is still a lot to be uncovered. In this article, we catch up with some of the latest advancements in the immuno-oncology field, from monoclonal antibody-based cancer treatments to immunoassay method developments.

Gain greater insights into the tumor microenvironment

Learn how multiplexed immunofluorescence and next-generation image analysis using Indica Labs uses its HALO® image analysis platform is enabling researchers at St. Andrew's University, U.K., to better identify high‑risk stage II colorectal cancer patients.

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Using advanced high-throughput flow cytometry to accelerate immuno-oncology drug discovery

Pushing the frontiers of immune-oncology discovery

Find out how to accelerate immuno-oncology research with the Intellicyt iQue3 from Sartorius Group and discover advanced high-throughput flow cytometry to avoid limitations of previous methods.

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Quick and easy in-house assay development

Watch this video to hear about CaptSure™ DIY ELISA by Expedeon and how it can accelerate and simplify antibody pair selection to optimize your in-house ELISA; suited for both routine and high-throughput screening.

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In vitro macrophage generation and analysis

Discover how to generate, isolate and analyze macrophage cell cultures with ease and flexibility using PromoCell's unique range of assays and reagents.

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Detect concentrations of human anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) as low as 3.8ph/ml

Quantitation immunoassays for reproductive endocrinology research

 Learn how to detect concentrations of human anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) as low as 3.8ph/ml with this three-step immunoassay from Ansh Labs

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