Top List: HPLC: 5 top resources to maximize accurate data generation

From video interviews with top scientists to our interactive application guide, explore this collection of resources to help hone your technique for optimum results

18 Nov 2021

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a process to separate components in a liquid mixture, and due to the flexibility of the technique, it has been adopted in multiple fields for its many applications, including pharmaceutical, analytical, and even clinical laboratories. Today, HPLC is one of the gold standard methodologies for biopharmaceutical processes and you won’t find many labs without an instrument

To help support your work with HPLC, we’ve collated a selection of top HPLC, including our interactive HPLC analysis guide and an extensive How-To-Buy eBook presenting all the key considerations when looking to find the best HPLC technology for your lab’s needs. Plus, watch our video interview with a world-leading expert using HPLC to combat food fraud, hear from scientists using Agilent technology to ensure honey authenticity, and check out a free SelectScience webinar detailing everything you need to know about HPLC columns for biomolecular analysis.

1. Content hub: Experience our interactive HPLC analysis guide

Our new HPLC content hub is a one-stop-shop for the latest HPLC resources

Explore this interactive resource to access a range of chromatographic applications for critical quality attribute (CQA) monitoring within the most common bioanalysis workflows, along with in-depth features, top tips, videos, and other key resources designed to ensure reliable analytical results.

2. HTB eBook: Download the HPLC Technology eBook

Our eBook can help you find the best HPLC technology for your lab’s needs
In this new 6th edition buying guide, discover the key factors and application considerations when looking to buy new HPLC technology. Plus, read impartial reviews to gain insights from industry-leading professionals.

Download the SelectScience How to Buy eBook to find out more about:

  • The principles of HPLC
  • Sample preparation processes
  • Application considerations
  • Selecting the right column
  • The future of HPLC

3. Video: Reliable targeted analysis solutions to fight food fraud

Prof. Chris Elliot uses Agilent instrumentation in his fight against food fraud

Watch this video to see how Chris Elliott, Professor of Food Safety and founder of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen's University Belfast, employs Agilent mass spectroscopy and HPLC to help reliably analyze food fraud. 

4. Video: Robust analysis for ensuring honey authenticity

Lab manager Matt Campion talks about the HPLC instrumentation that is used to verify the authenticity of honey

For over 100 years, Airborne Honey has worked to ensure its honey products are honest, undamaged, and traceable through the analysis of ~2,000 honey samples a year, culminating in a comparative database containing more than 40,000 records. In this video, Matt Campion shares how Airborne’s in-house lab tests for honey authenticity using a range of techniques and new HPLC instrumentation that provides data quality while maintaining high throughput.

5. Webinar: The benefits of dedicated HPLC instrumentation and columns for analysis of biomolecules

Andrew Coffey and Cornelia Vad, both of Agilent Technologies, share insights on column usage in HPLC for the analysis of biomolecules

In this free on-demand webinar, Andrew Coffey and Cornelia Vad, Agilent Technologies, demonstrate how biologics differ from small molecules, and how the InfinityLab Bio LC Solutions from Agilent can help you make an assured start in biopharmaceuticals.

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