Top List: How to make your lab greener

Here are the latest resources to help you make smarter choices that are important for the environment

03 Jun 2021

Achieving sustainability in your research lab may seem impossible, given the need for accurate, repeatable results and highly sensitive work processes. But in fact, much can be done to limit your lab’s environmental impact without compromising the integrity of scientific work. In a series of six editorial articles published on SelectScience, new techniques and innovations are highlighted to encourage more eco-friendly practices and ultimately pave the way to greener research.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Sustainability in the lab

Learn practical tips and innovative solutions to minimize the environmental impact of single-use plastics without reducing the quality of scientific research. 


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Lab efficiency: Tools to create a faster, smarter, and more efficient lab

Lab efficiency often comes in hand in hand with sustainability. In this article, we reveal how Starlab products such as the TipOne® Sterile Refill System can help cut laboratory costs as well as plastic waste.


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Leading by example: Meet the environmentally conscious supplier

Just as scientists and laboratory professionals can do their part, eco-friendly companies are working hard to make a difference too. In this article, learn about the integration of Starlab’s green directives, aimed at addressing the company’s own sustainability ratings. 


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Passion for sustainability: Why sustainable branding matters to the scientific community

In this article, we hear from Klaus Ambos, President and CEO of Starlab Group, about how its new brand identity aligns with global demands for a more sustainable future. 


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Laboratory safety: Best practices & top tools

With laboratories more hazardous than almost any other average workspace, consumables and equipment can also play a critical role in minimizing risks. In this article, learn about the importance of lab safety and the tools that can keep you and your colleagues safe. 


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Green lab: 6 steps to a more eco-friendly lab

This article returns to its theme of building a more environmentally friendly future, asking the important question, ‘As scientists return to the lab following the pandemic, is it a good time to get a little greener?’ 


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