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Explore topics from live-cell analysis, in situ hybridization, cancer therapeutics, cell imaging, and much more

17 May 2021

To help you prepare for the upcoming SelectScience® Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit launching on Tuesday, May 11, we've pulled together a selection of the latest resources, methods, and interviews that are progressing the fields of cancer and immunology research, covering topics from next-generation cancer treatments to in situ hybridization and live-cell imaging.

Next-generation cancer treatment

Watch this video to find out why biomarkers are not only providing novel insights into the biology of cancer but ultimately enabling a new level of patient stratification. This allows the most effective treatment to be used for any given cancer leading to significantly improved outcomes for patients. 


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Cell imaging technology

In this third edition eBook, we provide useful resources to help simplify your choice when it comes to purchasing your next cell imager. Cell imaging is a crucial part of cellular analysis. It helps determine basic cellular health, reveals changes in cell behavior under treatment conditions, examines structural modifications, and offers data on both single-cell and population dynamics.


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Live-cell analysis 

Download your comprehensive guide to holistic and continuous live-cell analysis, from case studies to culture, assay, and beyond. Discover the best technologies available, as recommended by researchers in the field, and find out more about the application of live-cell imaging in cancer research.


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In situ hybridization 

Download this eBook to discover the power of in situ hybridization to detect gene expression, at single-cell resolution, within the spatial and morphological context of an intact tissue. Advanced Cell Diagnostics offers a comprehensive portfolio of ISH assays, with various levels of plexing, that can be applied to a wide range of applications, from neuroscience to immuno-oncology to cell therapy.


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Cancer Research Special Feature

In this special feature, find out how live-cell imaging is accelerating the discovery of novel cancer therapies, discover the innovative microfluidic technology enhancing cancer diagnostics, explore the LC/MS metabolomics-based approaches elucidating cancer pathogenesis, and much more.


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Explore expert interviews on The Scientists’ Channel

Hear from cancer research experts as they reveal insights into the latest advances in CAR-T cell therapy, precision medicine, cell culture, and much more.


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Metabolomics and the TME

In this article, virtual summit speaker Dr. Chris Halbrook discusses his work using LC/MS metabolomics-based approaches to help manage pancreatic cancer pathogenesis and explains how these methods help uncover tumor microenvironment secrets.


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Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit

Book your place at the SelectScience Virtual Cancer and Immunology Research Summit 2021 for free access to expert presentations, live Q&As, virtual resources hubs, and dedicated networking sessions.


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More resources for cancer and immunology research:

  • Revolutionary insight into cancer hallmarks with real-time live-cell analysis: Find out how the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems from Sartorius is playing a major role in the elucidation of cancer biology and the evaluation of potential therapeutics. Download here>>
  • A flexible IHC/IF staining solution for the research lab: Discover LabSat® Research from Epredia, an automated staining platform based on innovative microfluidic technology that delivers fast, precise, and reproducible staining cycles to enhance your cancer research. Watch video>>
  • Decoding cancer pathogenesis and overcoming drug resistance: Dr. Komal Kumar Javarappa shares insights from the multidisciplinary forefront of immuno-oncology, where translational biologists race against time to optimize new cancer therapies. Read article>>
  • Metabolomics for cancer research: In this free webinar, Dr. Mattia Zampieri will outline the role of large-scale profiling in the study of aberrant transcriptional regulation and cancer metabolic rewiring. Register now>>
  • CAR-T cell therapy workflow solutions: Optimize your CAR-T cell therapy workflows with this how-to guide, including guidance on in vitro assays, sample preparation, CAR construct delivery, and QC. Download eBook>>
  • PARP inhibitors: A new frontier in the battle against cervical cancer: Dr. Santu Saha shares his team’s groundbreaking work to develop improved cancer treatments that avoid the side effects of traditional chemotherapy. Read article>>
  • SelectScience Drug Discovery & Development Webinar Series: In this series of webinars, discover the latest techniques and technologies helping researchers advance their drug discovery and development workflows. Learn more>>

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