Top List: 9 Top Reasons to Become a SelectScience Member

Scientists across the world share their thoughts on the benefits of being a SelectScience member

01 Jan 2018

SelectScience has one overarching goal - to improve communication in science and so accelerate critical research, helping scientists make the future healthier. But everything we do depends on the input and involvement of the tens of thousands of scientists around the world who make up our growing membership, so it is vital that we listen to their feedback. We asked a selection of our valued members why they use SelectScience. Read on to find out their reasons and become a member yourself today to receive exclusive content straight to your inbox, completely free of charge.


1. Read quality articles

I use SelectScience because the quality of the news articles is very high and because the product details are very thorough, plus the customer reviews greatly help in evaluating products.

Preston Reynolds

Ansh Labs, Webster, TX 


2. Source expert opinion

I use SelectScience as I believe it to be the best source of unbiased expert opinion on equipment and services.

Gary Campbell

Senior Scientist, Sanofi Pasteur


3.  Gather vital information

I use SelectScience because it is an excellent resource for gathering information about laboratory instruments and chemicals. I appreciate being able to see what fellow scientists have to say regarding instruments, columns, and chemicals before purchasing. It also helps expose me to brands I may not have researched already.

Rachel Bussert

Senior Formulation Engineer, Stryker

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4. Keep up-to-date

I use SelectScience for its fantastic collection of information on up-to-date news in my field, and for user reviews on the different products available on the market. Both keep me apprised of ongoing research and technological advances that can help improve the quality of my own work.

Lizane Pamer

Geoscience Laboratories, Canada


5. Share unbiased reviews

I use SelectScience because since I am also a submitter of the reviews, I know that the reviews are authentic and represent real world users.

Todd Duncan

Asante Three Rivers Medical Center, Oregon


6. Attend world-class webinars

I use SelectScience to stay up-to-date on product offerings and applications. SelectScience hosts useful webinars and is a great resource for product selection eBooks.

Brianna Galli

Lab Supervisor, Department of Chemistry, Western Michigan University

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7. Discover cutting-edge technologies

I use SelectScience to keep updated with technologies that have continued to progress since I received teaching and training at university. I don’t always have time to study textbooks and search through academic or industrial literature whilst I’m working, so SelectScience has been a useful tool to help me manage my learning when I have short periods of spare time to watch an interesting webinar, catch up with educational videos, or read about the latest developments in technologies. 

Dr. Kimberley Anderson

Process chemist, Fuels – Manufacturing Technology, Infineum UK


8. Find it all in one place 

SelectScience is a hub that I use to find reviews on anything new that I think of integrating in my upcoming new research. Moreover it also give me access to videos and eBooks and its news feature keeps me up-to-date with new products and new tools. Most important is, that I can find all of these in one simple click in one website.

Guy Sovak

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic


9. Be part of the world's best online science community 

We use SelectScience as the best portal to review the latest updates in many scientific areas where we are involved in our daily work (automation, microbiology, bioinformatics, genomics, etc.).

Juan Bautista Crespo García

Lab Automation and LIMS Director, Eyown Technologies, Spain

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