Top List: 7 Innovations in Analytical Chemistry

Discover the latest webinars, methods and products for your analytical chemistry research

15 Dec 2015

Discover the latest webinars, methods and products for your analytical chemistry research

In this top list, curated by our expert editors, discover how AstraZeneca carries out pharmaceutical impurity profiling, learn how the Institute of Earth Physics of Paris prepares volcanic samples for analysis and listen to our exclusive two-part podcast with a senior scientist at the RIKILT Institute of Food Safety. 

1. Experts at AstraZeneca Use New GC-MS Technology for Pharmaceutical Impurity Profiling

Learn about the challenges faced with API and formulation impurity analysis from scientists at AstraZeneca. Watch this fascinating webinar with industry experts on-demand today.

2. Determining Volatile Organics in Toys using Headspace Trap-GC/MS

With numerous recalls and new regulations, the safety of toys has gained publicity on a global scale, particularly the content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds, such as benzene and toluene, are residual after the manufacture of various types of polymers, additives and coatings and are potentially hazardous to the health of children if present at high levels. Discover an approach developed to measure VOCs at low levels using headspace trap (HS Trap) sample introduction with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

3. Ultra-Pure Water for Volcanic Sample Analysis

Scientists from the Institute of Earth Physics of Paris (IPGP) are using pure and ultrapure water at every stage of their sample analysis. IPGP is the second largest French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) research unit in France. Learn more about the technology being used in this video. 

4. The Regulatory Analysis of Primary Aromatic Amines in Cosmetics

Primary aromatic amines (PAAs) have been broadly used in large amounts as a chemical feedstock within the chemical industry, despite some have either a proven or suspected carcinogenic nature. To ensure public safety and product efficacy, the cosmetics and personal care industry is high legislated. Learn an accurate, fast and robust alternative method for the rapid analysis of PAAs in cosmetic and personal care products.

5. Complete Workflow Solutions in Biopharmaceutical Discovery and Development

In this exclusive two-day webinar event, industry experts from Agilent Technologies discussed the benefits of adding ion mobility to LC/Q-TOF/MS, LC/MS workflows for biosimilars and antibody drug conjugates and much more. Learn how to stay abreast of advances in knowledge and improvements in technology and navigate the maze of shifting government regulations.

6. Advances in Pesticide Residue Testing at the RIKILT Institute of Food Safety

Listen to our exclusive two-part podcast with Dr Hans Mol, senior scientist, on the use of mass spectrometry to detect contaminants and pesticide residues for food and feed safety.

7. Discover the Power of the Spectroquant® Prove

Whether you’re analyzing waste water, drinking water or process water, the three most important requirements of a spectrophotometer are simplicity, security and durability. Intuitive, innovative and preprogrammed for the broadest range of test kits, watch how the Spectroquant® Prove makes water analysis smoother than ever.


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