Top List: 5 top trending videos on cell culture studies

Watch these video interviews to learn how leading scientists are using cell culture studies to better understand disease

03 Dec 2021

Top videos on cell culture studies from The Scientists' Channel

Cell culture is a versatile tool in the investigation of disease, providing a model system for replicating disease mechanisms. The advantages of using cell culture include the ability to manipulate genes or molecular pathways, enabling researchers to better understand diseases such as cancer. 

Here, we’ve pulled together a playlist of top interviews from The Scientists' Channel, our independent video platform for scientists and clinical experts around the world to share their work. Take a look at the videos below to learn more about how researchers are using cell culture in the fight against disease and the importance of biosafety when working with hazardous specimens.

Dr. Michelle Dawson interview with The Scientists' Channel

The role of polyploid giant cancer cells in disease

Dr. Michelle Dawson, of Brown University, shares her research on cell metabolism and interactions and describes the importance of reliable CO2 incubators in providing a sense of security when monitoring cell cultures. 


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Dr. Theodossis Theodossiou interview for The Scientists' Channel

Protondynamic therapy: A new tool for treating deep-lying cancer

Dr. Theodossis Theodossiou describes the potential of protondynamic therapy for treating deep-lying cancers, sharing some preliminary findings reported by his team at the University of Oslo.


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Dan Scungio interview for The Scientists' Channel

Ensuring lab safety excellence through COVID-19 and beyond

Dan Scungio, laboratory safety officer at Sentara Healthcare, highlights why biosafety cabinets are critical to safely handling infectious specimens, and reveals what he sees for the future of biosafety.



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Emmanuel Okwelogu interview for The Scientists' Channel

How biomarkers can identify cancer in its early stages

Emmanuel Okwelogu, Ph.D. researcher at the University of Manchester, discusses his research using 2D nanomaterials for the discovery of novel biomarkers that can aid the early detection of certain cancers. 



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Karena Pryce interview for The Scientists' Channel

The role of cellular genomics in understanding the origin of diseases

Karena Pryce, Biobank Data Manager at the Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics, discusses her work elucidating the origin of diseases using cellular genomics and the integral role biosafety cabinets play. 



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