Top List: 5 top technology stories and latest industry developments in cell line development

Gain insights from industry experts, access free downloads, webinars, and more to streamline your cell line development

24 Nov 2022

As part of our new Cell Line Development Special Feature, we have pulled together a selection of the top interviews and resources about the latest trends and tools designed to help you advance your cell line development.      

Read on to explore recent learnings in how automation can be used to transform cell line development workflows, hear from experts about how to address common challenges and bottlenecks, download resources highlighting solutions from cell line engineering and selection to characterization and process development, and more. 

SINGLE-CELL ISOLATION: When art is not enough

In this SelectScience® article, find out how automated, single-cell isolation systems are transforming single-cell screening and cloning workflows for cell line development.

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BIOLOGICS: Automating cell line development 

This dedicated guide takes a detailed look at automated cell line development innovations and workflows with the aim of addressing these challenges, spanning the entire biologics pipeline, from cell line engineering and selection to characterization and process development.

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AGGREGATION: Bring product quality assessment into early clone selection 

As pressure to shorten development timelines increases, the ability to screen and select production cell lines for critical quality attributes as early as possible has become a critical challenge in bioprocess development. Discover an innovative assay for the detection of product aggregates within days of single-cell cloning.

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WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS: Addressing the top 3 challenges in cell line development 

We spoke to a team of experts to learn how labs can incorporate different instruments at specific points in the cell line development workflow to significantly improve timelines and provide confidence.

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BIOTHERAPEUTICS: Tools to streamline cell line development 

In this on-demand webinar, experts from Sartorius explain how integration of various technology platforms can be achieved, and where they best fit into the cell line development workflow.

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Top free downloads on cell line development:

  • Integration of spatial cell selection with primary template-directed amplification to enable spatial single-cell genomics  Download application note>>
  • Accelerating generation of single cell clones by using CellRaft AIR® System coupled with fluorescence activated cell sorting  Download application note>>

Featured cell line development products:

CellCelector Flex by Sartorius Group 

CellCelector is a unique and fully automated cell imaging and picking system developed for detection, selection and isolation of single cells, clusters, spheroids and organoids, as well as single cell clones and adherent colonies. It is widely used in a multitude of research areas such as circulating tumor cell screening and stem cell research, as well as cell line development and antibody discovery.

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  • Biomek i7 Automated Workstation by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences – View product>>
  • Opto™ Assure Aggregation Assay by Berkeley Lights – View product>>
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