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5 Essential Things You Need to Know About Gas Generators

19 Aug 2017

Gas generation is essential for mass spectrometry analysis


Mass spectrometry (MS) analysis is absolutely essential for the accurate and reliable identification of prohibited drugs in the anti-doping fight. But while knowledge of the advantages of MS over immunoassay analysis is increasing, many laboratories remain unaware of the importance of the use of laboratory gas generators.

Traditional sources of gas such as hydrogen or nitrogen require numerous factors to be considered in daily management, such as the changing of cylinders, managing stock supply and orders, on-going delivery management, bulk storage and administrative costs.

The Olympic WADA laboratories use on-site gas generators, supplied by Peak Scientific, for their liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LCMS) analysis. A laboratory  gas generator is a practical and cost-effective alternative to efficiently provide laboratory gas. With the right generator your laboratory will be provided with a reliable, easy to use, on-demand gas solution. 


Essential things you need to know about gas generators:

1. Gas generators provide consistent purity 

Gas generators provide on-demand gas of consistent purity, unlike cylinder gas which can vary from cylinder to cylinder. 

2. Gas generators are more cost effective for LC-MS analysis 

Due to the high gas requirements of LC-MS, gas generators (as opposed to cylinder gases) are a much more cost-effective option for this type of analysis.

3. They are economical 

Delivery and rental costs for cylinder gas are increasing year-on-year, and down-time during cylinder changeovers adds to the cost of running the system. Gas generators in contrast incur low ongoing costs, provide 24/7 gas production at the push of a button and offer fast return on investment.

4. Gas generators are safer 

There are health and safety risks associated with transporting and handling gas cylinders. Storing cylinders at high pressures in large volumes also leaves potential for leaks to go undetected. Gas generators have a minimal gas storage volume and low pressure storage.

5. They are more environmentally friendly 

Gas generators are energy efficient and once they are installed in your lab, no more collections or deliveries are required. A gas generator can help to reduce your laboratory’s carbon footprint.