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New Products, Articles and Application Notes

05 Aug 2015

New Products, Articles and Application Notes

 Discover the latest on clinical diagnostics products, articles and application notes.

1. TOP LIST: The Latest Hematology Product News, Exclusive Articles, Interviews and Product Reviews 

Catch up on the latest hematology product news, exclusive articles, interviews and product reviews. This round-up includes the latest articles from Binding Site's 7th International Symposium 2015, our Hematology Analyzers Buying Guide and our most recent coagulometer product review. Read more.

2. PRODUCT: QIAGEN Launches Clinical Bioinformatics Platform for Next-Generation Sequencing 

QIAGEN has launched its QIAGEN Clinical Insight® (QCI™) bioinformatics content and software platform for clinical testing labs, to interpret and report on genomic variants identified in next-generation sequencing (NGS). The first two supported applications for the bioinformatics platform are in oncology, for somatic and hereditary cancer testing. Read more.

3. ARTICLE: A Polyclonal v Monoclonal Approach to FLC Measurement: Session Overview 

There were many interesting talks at the recent Clinical Applications of Free Light Chain and Heavy/Light Chain Analysis International Symposium, held in Edinburgh, UK. Dr Robert Lock, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Immunology & Immunogenetics, North Bristol NHS Trust, UK, addressed the delegation on a Polyclonal v Monoclonal Approach to Free Light Chain (FLC) Measurement. His presentation detailed comparisons between the different monoclonal and polyclonal assays available on the market. Read more.

4. WEBINAR: Pushing the Limits of Biomedical and Biological FTIR Imaging

Dr Mustafa Kansiz, FTIR Microscopy & Imaging Product Manager at Agilent Technologies, reviewed the latest research into fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and compares new advances to traditional and emerging optical and spectroscopic analytical techniques, including the main advantage of this technology – rapid, label-free chemical imaging. Watch webinar on-demand.

5. VIDEO: Glycated Serum Protein from EKF Diagnostics

Watch this video to learn more about the Glycated Serum Protein (GSP) LiquiColor® test, which serves as a 2-3 week indicator of average blood glucose closing the information gap between daily blood glucose testing and the 2-3 month HbA1c reading. GSP serves as an accurate intermediate marker of glycemia in instances where HbA1c may be of limited value such as pregnancy, reduced RBC lifespan and hemodialysis. Watch video.

6. APPLICATION NOTE: Validation of Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction of 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D from Whole Blood or Spiked BioCell Material Samples Using VERSA Workstation

Measurement of circulating levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D is important in the diagnosis of intestinal mal-absorption and vitamin D deficiency or intoxication in humans. This has led to exponential growth in clinical diagnosis tests for 25-hydroxyvitamin D in blood serum. However, manual sampling is a cumbersome process. This application note presents the VERSA Workstation for automated liquid-liquid extraction of 25-hydroxyvitamin D from blood samples. Download note.

7. VIDEO: Metabolomic Analysis of Skin Lesions for Melanoma by Mass Spectrometry

In this video, Michael Costanzo, from the University of Florida, summarizes a presentation about research into metabolomic analysis of skin lesions for melanoma by mass spectrometry. Along with his co-authors, the team shared their research involving the discovery of biological markers at the earliest possible stage of cancer progression. Watch video.

8. APPLICATION NOTE: Circulating Rare Cells Enable Highly Efficient Cancer Detection - Medical University of Vienna

This poster, presented at the American Association of Cancer Research 2015 by researchers from the Medical University of Vienna,  details a protocol combining the novel microfluidic Parsortix technology with qPCR, to enable the molecular analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) implicated in ovarian and breast cancer. The Parsortix™ system was utilized for capturing and analyzing mRNA of circulating tumor cells. The new technique will allow the implementation of ‘liquid biopsies’ in cancer detection studies and as a companion diagnostic in clinical trials. Download note.

9. POSTER: Emerging Point-of-Care Technologies Enabled by Aptamers

Aptamers are a special class of nucleic acid molecules that can form secondary and tertiary structures capable of specifically binding proteins or other cellular targets. While aptamers were first described almost 25 years ago, they are only now becoming more prevalent in research-use-only assays and, soon, clinical diagnostics. This poster describes several platforms employing newly discovered aptamers and explains how these technologies could be enabled by aptamers to bring them to the point-of-care. Download poster.

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