Top List: Discover the Latest Developments in Biomarker Research

11 May 2016

Learn about the technologies used and how biomarker research is improving disease diagnosis and treatment.


1. Progress in Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarker Identification

Learn how cell-free mitochondrial DNA can be used as a differential marker of Alzheimer’s disease using Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR technology. Dr Ramon Trullas discusses his recently published research. Read more>>


2. Pioneering Wearable Technology for Real-Time Biomarker Analysis

Discover a transdermal biosensor patch for non-invasive blood sampling that continuously streams results to a smart device. Dr Joshua Windmiller discusses this pioneering technology using the BioJet Ultra from BioDot Inc. Watch the video>>


3. Effective Analysis of Therapeutic Antibodies from Rodent Plasma

Download a method for analysis of therapeutic antibodies, of differing allotypes, from rodent plasma using the Thermo Scientific™ LB-MSIA™ workflow on the Tecan Freedom EVO® platform. Download the application note>>


4. Chemical Biomarkers of Cancer: The Hallmark of Disease

Learn about cancer biomarkers and how in combination with proteomics, they can be used to screen, diagnose and monitor cancer in patients. Read more>>


5. Novel Melanoma Biomarker Identified from Liquid Biopsies Using Digital PCR

David Polsky, MD, PhD, Professor of Dermatologic Oncology at the New York University School of Medicine spoke to SelectScience® about his recently published cancer research. This work used BioRad’s QX100 Digital Droplet PCR system to identify blood-based biomarkers of melanoma that could enhance both diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression. Read more>>


6. Droplet Digital™ PCR and Organ Transplant Rejection

Discover how droplet digital PCR is being used to help transplant patients. Researchers at Chronix Biomedical have applied Bio-Rad's ddPCR™ technology to monitor cell-free DNA as an indicator of transplant rejection. Watch the video>>


7. Efficient and Reproducible Tissue Homogenization

Biomarker research relies on high quality genetic material extracted from cells. Using 3D bead technology, the Precellys Evolution homogenizer can quickly produce high quality sample from animal, human, plant or microorganism. Download the application note>>


8. Measurement of Alpha GST Release from 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues

Learn how αGST, a liver injury biomarker, can be detected and measured using 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues from InSphero. Download the application note>>


9. Multiplexed Detection of Cytokine Cancer Biomarkers using Fluorescence RNA In Situ Hybridization and Cellular Imaging

Learn how the QuantiGene ViewRNA ISH Cell Assay Kit from Affymetrix is used to detect predictive cancer biomarkers, with a non-radioactive RNA in situ hybridization method. Download the poster>>


10. miRNAs as Cancer Biomarkers: Overcoming the Challenges of Quantifying Free-Circulating miRNA

Dr Manuela Ferracin from the University of Ferrara talks about her research into epigenetic alterations in cancer patients and the possibility of using miRNA as a cancer biomarker. Read more>>



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Image: Molecular Diagnostics - Syda Productions/Shutterstock