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05 Apr 2022

Biopharmaceuticals Special Feature

As part of our latest special feature, we’ve pulled together a selection of top resources to streamline and advance your biopharmaceutical workflows.

Read on to learn about the technology optimizing analysis when characterizing complex biotherapeutics, find out how you can identify the best ion-pairing reagents for LC/MS analysis of oligonucleotides, explore the benefits of differential scanning calorimetry in vaccine development, and much more.

Plus, register for the Biopharmaceuticals Webinar Series, and catch up on all the latest webinars in the field that can benefit your research and workflows.

Harnessing the power of label-free molecular interaction analysis

CHARACTERIZATION: Harnessing the power of label-free molecular interaction analysis

Dr. Kalhari Silva, Head of Scientific Innovation and Research at Custom Biologics, discusses the importance of binding studies in the analysis of complex biotherapeutics and how Octet BLI technology is streamlining analyses while meeting regulatory guidelines.


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Optimizing LC/MS analysis of oligonucleotides

ION PAIRING: Optimize LC/MS analysis of oligonucleotides

In this application note, discover the variables associated with various ion-pairing reagents for LC/MS and learn how you can identify the best option for your oligonucleotide analyses.


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Optimize and speed up vaccine development

DSC: Optimize and speed up vaccine development

In this guide, learn how differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) delivers high-standard stability and characterization data for protein subunits, viral particles, and virus-like particle vaccine candidates.


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Sensitive analysis of antisense oligonucleotides

LC-HRMS: Sensitive analysis of antisense oligonucleotides

In this method, the antisense oligonucleotide Mipomersen is analyzed by LC-HRMS. Learn how the YMC-Triart C8 metal-free column enables symmetric peaks, high sensitivity, and no carry-over effects.


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Water purification for QC success

REGULATORY: Water purification for QC success

Form FDA 483s are an essential tool for maintaining high standards of quality management. In this white paper, ELGA LabWater explores this topic and the important role of water purity in meeting compliance requirements. 


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Meet the challenges of anti-drug antibody assay development for bispecifics

BISPECIFICS: Meet the challenges of anti-drug antibody assay development for bispecifics

This study explores the challenges in immunogenicity assay development for bispecific antibodies. Read on to learn how LGC's Drug Development Solutions scientists developed a sensitive, selective, specific, and drug-tolerant assay to meet regulatory requirements.


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How biosimilars are expanding options for patient care

BIOSIMILARS: How biosimilars are expanding options for patient care

Heather Watson, Senior Manager in the Immunochemistry Department at Labcorp, explores the opportunities and challenges in biosimilar development as more biologics are going off-patent. Watson also describes why a mechanism of action (MOA)-reflective and biologically relevant assay is important in biosimilar characterization.


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Method and tips to improve separation of biomolecules

(U)HPLC: Method and tips to improve separation of biomolecules

In this application eBook, Tosoh Bioscience presents 20+ methods for biotherapeutic analysis, including protein aggregation, charge isoforms, and glycosylation, as well as the determination of the drug-to-antibody ratio of antibody-drug conjugates.


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Deep characterization of a CAR T-cell product

SINGLE-CELL ANALYSIS: Deep characterization of a CAR T-cell product

In this application note, explore how targeted single-cell transcriptomic profiling can help accelerate CAR T-cell therapy development by comprehensively characterizing infusion products, cell by cell.


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Biopharmaceuticals Webinar Series

In this series of webinars, learn about the latest techniques and technologies streamlining biopharmaceutical discovery and development.

Overcome oligonucleotide analysis challenges with 2D-LC/MS

LC/MS: Overcome oligonucleotide analysis challenges with 2D-LC/MS

In this webinar on April 7, experts will discuss the common challenges associated with oligonucleotide analysis and purification and how to overcome them through 2D-LC/MS and method optimization.


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Accelerating drug discovery and development with single-cell and spatial profiling

SINGLE-CELL: Accelerating drug discovery and development with single-cell and spatial profiling

Join this webinar on April 20 to learn how researchers from pharma, biotech, and translational labs are leveraging 10x Genomics technologies throughout the drug discovery process to accelerate mechanistic understanding and reduce risk.


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