Top List: A look at 6 top-rated biopharmaceutical products

Find out what scientists are saying about the biopharmaceutical lab products they use

07 Jun 2022

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Below, we have collated some of the top equipment and technologies in the field of biopharmaceuticals as reviewed by scientists from around the world. Why not get involved and write your own lab product review today?

1. TSKgel STAT Columns by Tosoh Bioscience 

"This column was very effective for our scope - characterization of a small protein. It was used first for method development. The results for the method qualification were also good."

Marta Pérez, 3P Biopharmaceuticals

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2. Octet® R8 by Sartorius Group 

"A powerful addition to our lab. The striking feature that comes up time and again is that the sample is preserved, so the ability to control experiments and analyze samples by other techniques is a huge advantage over injection-based flow systems. I can run multiple antibodies through the very same sample and be certain that the result is real and not just ruled out as an anomaly or error."

Luke Miles, Florey Institute of Neuroscience

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3. Uncle by Unchained Labs 

"This instrument has quickly become a standard method for a variety of applications including nanoparticle characterization, formulation optimization, and routine protein characterization. With minimal training, unskilled users can become proficient in performing SOP methods. Expert users have developed custom methods that have advanced difficult projects."

Quinton Dowling, University of Washington

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4. MicroCal PEAQ-DSC by Malvern Panalytical 

"We're very happy to have an instrument like this, the results and usage are very user friendly. It's not for everyday use in the lab, but we have a method where this equipment is essential. We also have the experience of having a Malvern Nano Zetasizer that we love too"

Karen Elvira Guillén Mondragón, Institute of Biotechnology, UNAM

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5. BioAccord LC-MS System by Waters 

"The BioAccord offers a wide range of analytical methods that are able to characterize biosimilars to evaluate CQAs. The software is excellent as it comprises analysis, processing, and reporting methods. I think in total, this is a very good investment for analytical labs."

Houda Montacir, Alvotech

Review the BioAccord LC-MS System


6. BioPharmaView™ Software by SCIEX 

"BioPharmaView software accelerates characterization and comparability studies and simplifies reporting, so you can make better decisions, faster. Comprehensive list of identified peptides and modifications."

Sounak Chakraborty, Public Health Engineering Laboratory

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