Top List: 8 HPLC Innovations That Will Make Your Lab Work Easier

27 Aug 2014

1. Speed Up Your Sample Analysis

The new i-Seriesfrom Shimadzu provides excellent performance and a more efficient workflow for ultra-high-speed analysis.

2. Save Time with High-Throughput

The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Charger provides unattended, environmentally controlled sample management, and loads into the Vanquish UHPLC system to enable maximum throughput and usability.

3. Improved Chromatographic Information

The Flexar™PDA Plus™ detector offers the widest detection range of any PDA detector and rivals conventional UV detectors.

4. SeparateComplex Mixtures Fast

Resolve complex mixtures with two-dimensional LC to enable fast, effective and comprehensive analysis of otherwise inseparable compounds.

5. Better Column Versatility

The Fortis 5µm SpeedCore column offers the latest in core-shell technology for use in both HPLC and UHPLC instruments. It delivers high efficiency, sensitivity and resolution.

6. Process Large Sample Volumes Quickly

Aglient’s new 1290 Infinity Multisampler offers the shortest injection cycle time, lowest carryover, and has the capacity to house up to 6144 samples inside the Agilent stack footprint.

7. Rely on Robust Fittings

Avoid leaks at pressures of 20000 psi and above using the new Tri-Fitt fittings for very high UHPLC and HPLC applications.

8. Streamline Your HPLC Software

Clarity Chromatography Software can now control Spark Symbiosis™ Technology Components, with all method parameters directly sent to the system from the computer.