Top List: 5 top resources for pesticide analysis in cannabis testing

Simplify the task of removing pesticide and herbicide residues to meet regulatory standards with these vital resources

29 Nov 2019

Before cannabis products can be sold for medical or recreational use, they must first meet specific quality regulations to ensure the highest level of safety. To adhere to such a requirement, licensed cannabis producers must demonstrate pesticide and herbicide contamination levels below the limits set out by the applicable regulatory board. 

Here, we’ve highlighted five of the latest resources to help cannabis scientists achieve these standards: 

Application note: A single workflow for the multi-residue analysis of pesticides in cannabis 

Waters presents the use of a simple sample extraction and d-SPE clean up where the resulting extract is analyzed by UPLC-MS/MS or APGS-MS/MS, in a manner that complies with Canadian regulatory requirements. 


Dr. Jonathan Speare

The Scientists’ Channel: Dr. Jonathan Sphere, from White Buffalo Laboratories 

Dr. Jonathan Speare discusses how the increase in marijuana testing is changing the cannabis industry. Speare explains how Waters helps White Buffalo Laboratories test for different cannabinoids and other chemicals such as pesticides and mycotoxins and how these tests can be used to provide a safe product.


Application note: Optimization of sample preparation for pesticide analysis in oil-based cannabis products 

This application note outlines the performance benefits achieved using the LipiFiltr® cleanup cartridge, for the analysis of pesticides in oil-based cannabis products using LC-MS/MS analysis. The pesticides evaluated in this study include those listed in the Oregon monitoring list (≈60 pesticides).

SelectScience video: Dr. Nathaly Reyes Garcés, Colton Myers, and Ashlee Gerardi 

Nathaly Reyes

A simple workflow for the accurate analysis of pesticides in cannabis products via solvent extraction and GC analysis. The trio also outline how Restek is focusing on helping customers with bespoke cannabis testing workflows and method development in the face of ongoing changes within the industry, new regulations coming into place, and state-to-state differences.

Industry news: New cannabicyclol reference standard

Restek has released a new CBL certified reference material (CRM) to further aid labs in the comprehensive characterization of cannabis. With verified composition and stability, this prepared stock product eliminates the need for in-house standards preparation, for greater convenience and lower labor requirements.


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