Top List: 3D Cell Culture Methods and Protocols

From 3D Culture Systems to Spheroids – break into three-dimensional (3D) cell culture with the latest methods and resources

11 Jul 2019

3D Cell Culture Technology

This month, we showcase some of the latest technology and guidance in the rapidly expanding world of three-dimensional (3D) cell culture. In this highlights article, learn about the newest developments in 3D cell culture and biology, including advanced computational clearing technology,    laser confocal microscopy, and magnetic 3D bioprinting; and check out our pick of some of the best videos and resources in the field.

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Hot Topics in 3D Cell Culture:


Image of the CosmosID stacked bar graph

Explore our selection of the biggest news stories in cell biology:

  1. Article: Technology Trends: Cancer Research
  2. Article: Modeling Kidney Disease with Bioengineered Kidney Organoids
  3. Application eBook: Optical Sectioning Solutions for 3D Cancer Cell Analysis
  4. Application eBook: Live-Cell Analysis: From Culture to Assay
  5. Application Note: Thunder Imagers Decode 3D Biology in Real Time
  6. Video: Vascularization of 3D Tissues In Vitro with the OrganoPlate Graft


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