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Top List: 11 Methods to Ensure Food Safety

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18 Apr 2016



Discover more about top techniques and the equipment used to authenticate and protect your food. Plus, learn about the standards put in place to provide top quality products. 

1. Beer Analysis Applications Notebook: Solutions for the Complete Brewing Process

Discover solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific to reduce analysis time, improve product stability, test bitterness, measure isohumulones, polyphenols, test for authenticity and contaminants and much more. Download the application notebook>>


2. Glyphosate and Glufosinate-ammonium Now Available as TraceCERT® Grade 

Discover Sigma-Aldrich’s range of more than 200 of TraceCERT® organic neat traceable certified reference materials for food safety and authentication testing. Read more>>


3. Fighting Food Fraud with Authentication Using Non-Targeted Screening

Watch this video to hear Professor Jana Hajšlová, Head of Food Analysis and Nutrition at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, discuss her work on food authentication and safety testing. Prof. Hajšlová's research focuses on food contaminants, such as fluorinated compounds leaching from different packaging materials, and MCPD esters. Discover how the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Focus MS is used for non-targeted screening in the fight against food fraud. Watch the video>>


4. Sensitive Analysis of the Lactose Content of Lactose-Free Labelled Products Using HPAEC-PAD 

Lactose-free products are monitored carefully for potential lactose content. Learn how the KNAUER AZURA® Analytical HPLC system easily reaches required limits of detection (LOD) in this application note. Download the application note>>


5. Precise and Repeatable Pipetting of Problem Liquids 

Consistent and reproducible results are crucial for ensuring that the safety of our food is protected through routine testing. Without precise and exact sample handling, which can be more complex than it seems, accurate analysis is impossible. Excel at even your most difficult pipetting tasks with tips and tricks from Eppendorf. Download the infographic>>


6. GC-MS for Trace Contaminant Screening in Complex Samples 

Dominic Roberts, a Senior Applications Specialist for GC Orbitrap MS at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses the food and environmental applications of the new GC Orbitrap technology. Discover how to investigate contaminants, screen pesticides at low levels and identify authenticity using this new GC-MS technology. Watch the video>>


7. Podcast: Advances in Pesticide Residue Testing at RIKILT 

Learn about the technology being used at the RIKILT Institute of Food Safety in this interview with Dr Hans Mol. Hear how the use of mass spectrometry is enabling the determination of contaminants and pesticide residues in the field of food and feed safety.  Listen to the podcast>>


8. Analysis of Food and Agricultural Samples Using PlasmaQuant® MS 

Learn how the measurement of key elements in food and agricultural reference materials can be achieved using the Analytik Jena PlasmaQuant® MS, from trace to major levels, within a single analysis. Download the application note>>


9. Screening of Botanical Dietary Supplements Using NMR and Mass Spectrometry 

Discover how NMR and Mass spectrometry are used to screen botanical and dietary supplements. Kimberly Colson’s group at Bruker BioSpin is focused on the botanical and herbal products industry, where she aims to bring improvements that help assess quality control. Watch the video>>


10. Determination of Patulin in Apple Juice Using SPE and UHPLC-MS/MS Analysis 

Patulin is a mycotoxin with potential as a measure of produce quality. It is also a possible carcinogen. Discover a simple SPE method using the UCT Enviro-Clean for low-level patulin detection in apple juice. Download the application note>>


11. High Throughput Pesticide Analysis in Challenging Food Matrices 

Dr Katharina von Bargen, Application Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, explains recent innovations in the field of analysis in challenging food matrices. Learn how the QuEChERS based sample preparation followed by mass spectrometry analysis enabled the detection of over 300 pesticides in a single sample. Using the TSQ Endura™ Triple Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer allowed for accurate and robust high throughput analysis, with very low LOD and LOQ. Watch the video>>


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