Agilent GC-MS Technologies and Post-Mortem Forensic Toxicology at LAT LUMTOX Laboratory

21 December 2015

Watch this video to see Fabien Bévalot, one of the directors at the LAT LUMTOX Forensic Toxicology Laboratory, explain how Agilent equipment has vastly improved the laboratory’s post-mortem forensic toxicology capabilities. Mr Bévalot describes the GC-MS from Agilent as “the most robust system I have used”, as it brings two new possibilities: the backflush and the self-cleaning source. These are particularly useful as the samples that they analyze can be very dirty, even with a multiplex fraction procedure as a purification step. This new technology now means that the ion source only has to be cleaned once every six months as opposed to every two and they have found that the lifetime of the columns has increased two-fold. In forensic toxicology and other investigative fields, decisions are contingent on the accuracy of your results. Analysts require sensitive, accurate and reliable systems to screen for a wide array of targets in complex matrices.