High-resolution mass spec for metabolomic analysis

12 Aug 2020

Since its first use to demonstrate the existence of isotopes, the application of mass spectrometry (MS) has expanded immeasurably, and its practitioners are to be found in almost every analytical laboratory. Driven by the ever-increasing demand for greater performance and speed, particularly for analyzing complex biological samples, MS technology has continued to improve and, through coupling with other technologies (chromatography and data processing software), to yield the cutting-edge, high-throughput workflows we see today.

In this eBook, we look at some of the wide-ranging applications of the latest MS technology and workflows used to solve some of the most challenging analytical challenges faced by biologists working in metabolic profiling, and cover:

  • Gaining confidence and throughput in metabolite analysis
  • A multi-omics approach to metabolism
  • Extracellular flux analysis
  • Lipid Annotator software
  • Lipid profiling workflows
  • Metabolomics to mechanisms