GC-MS-IRMS: Undisputable results by coupling of GC-IRMS with high-resolution mass spectrometry for final confirmation in sports drug testing

12 Jun 2024

Gas chromatography coupled with isotope ratio mass spectrometry is routinely applied in doping controls. It allows distinguishing between endogenous steroids from their synthetic analogs in urine by the determination of ¹³C/¹²C isotope ratios.

In this application note, see how combining the Thermo Scientific Delta V or the Thermo Scientific 253 Plus IRMS system with Thermo Scientific Q Exactive GC connected to a single Thermo Scientific Trace 1310 GC gas chromatograph provides a refined methodology for doping control. Plus, it will explore how simultaneous analysis by an HRAM GC/MS system enables confirming the peak identity and purity with high accuracy and confidence.