Enabling prep kit on the MIRO CANVAS NGS prep system

30 Apr 2024

The demand for PCR-free next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation protocols is increasing to mitigate PCR bias in DNA sequencing pools. The Illumina® DNA PCR-Free Prep kit addresses this need, offering a flexible and easily automatable PCR-free workflow, particularly valuable for sensitive applications like whole genome sequencing (WGS). Leveraging the MIRO CANVAS® digital microfluidics (DMF) platform, this protocol enables custom low-throughput workflow automation for complex NGS library preparation, compatible with a wide range of reagents. INTEGRA Biosciences outlines the outcomes when employing the Illumina DNA PCR-Free Prep kit in a protocol tailored for MIRO CANVAS, with resulting libraries suitable for sequencing on Illumina platforms.