Analysis of highly polar pesticides

17 Apr 2024

Micro-SPE (μSPE) has emerged as an automated green micromethod for sample preparation and clean-up in various fields such as food safety, proteomics, forensics, and environmental analysis for over a decade. The automation of μSPE sample preparation steps has standardized sorbent materials for extract clean-up across different food commodities, increased sample throughput, and provided potential for offline and online hyphenation with GC-MS, LC-MS, or even IC analysis.

CTC Analytics details the analysis of eleven highly polar pesticides (HPPs), including glyphosate, glufosinate, ethephon, and fosetyl-aluminium, along with their related metabolites, from complex food matrices such as honey and pollen. For the first time, micro-SPE clean-up is introduced for HPPs to address known analytical limitations by removing polar co-extracts through automated clean-up processing of sample extracts.