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Strata-X-Drug Solid Phase Extraction

Phenomenex Inc

Strata-X Drug B and N Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) sorbents are designed and quality control tested for basic and neutral drugs of abuse analysis, respectively. The sorbents are QC tested using drug probes from urine samples so that you can have confidence in your results. The sorbents also do not require conditioning/equilibrating steps, saving both time and solvent.

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GC/MS Forensic Toxicology Analyzer 

Agilent Technologies

GC/MS methods are widely used for forensic toxicology, especially for the screening of large numbers of target compounds in complex matrices. Full-scan EI methods offer many advantages for broad-range screening, such as an unlimited number of targets, full-spectrum identity confirmation, and library searching for identification of non-targets. Technologies such as Capillary Flow Technology backflushing, Deconvolution Reporting…

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IMCSzyme ® is a genetically modified beta-glucuronidase used to detect a wide range of drugs by hydrolyzing glucuronides in biological fluids.

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Zebron™ ZB-BAC-1 & -2 GC Columns

Phenomenex Inc

Fast, Accurate Blood Alcohol AnalysisProprietary column set specially designed for accurate blood alcohol analysis — enhance resolution of ethanol and acetone peaksResolves t-butanol and n-propanol for greater selection of internal standardsFast run time with baseline resolution of key components in just 2 minutesAchieve dual column confirmation — get two elution order changes when used as a pairRecommended UseAbused Inhalant…

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