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913 pH Meter

Metrohm AG

Two-channel pH meter for routine use in the laboratory and on the road. Two-channel pH meter for routine use in the laboratory and on the road. Laboratory and measuring instrument in one with all features such as IP67, alternative accumulator operation and much more. Clear colour display with two-channel output (multilingual) and all important information at a glance Security in everyday work through sensor quality sy…

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914 pH/Conductometer

Metrohm AG

The 914 pH/Conductometer is an easy-to-use measuring instrument for routine operation in the laboratory and on the road. pH (or mV) and conductivity (or TDS, salinity) and temperatures can be measured in parallel and output to a large colour display. Important information such as charge state, quality of the calibration, calibration interval, etc. can also be clearly viewed at a glance. A PIN-protected expert mode protects the…

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Autolab PGSTAT101

Metrohm AG

This is the smallest member in the Autolab range of electrochemical instruments: the Autolab PGSTAT101. In combination with the powerful NOVA software it can be used for most of the standard electrochemical techniques. The PGSTAT101 is an affordable potentiostat/galvanostat without compromising on quality and specifications, making it an ideal instrument for students and educational purposes.The small footprint allows you to…

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Autolab PGSTAT128N

Metrohm AG

The entry-level member of the modular Autolab instruments family, the PGSTAT128N is a low current, low noise, and fast potentiostat/galvanostat capable of measuring a maximum of 800 mA, with a compliance voltage of 12 V. The PGSTAT128N is a high-performance low-cost option for electrochemical measurements in small cells.

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Autolab PGSTAT302N

Metrohm AG

This modular high current potentiostat/ galvanostat, with a compliance voltage of 30 V and a bandwidth of over 1 MHz, combined with our FRA2 module, is specially designed for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The PGSTAT302N is the succesor of the popular PGSTAT30. The maximum current is 2 A, the current range can be extended to 20 A with the BOOSTER20A, the current resolution is 30 fA at a current range of 10 nA. With a…

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Fisher Scientific* accumet* AB15+ Basic and BioBasic* pH/mV/°C Meters

Fisher Scientific

Intuitive operation and improved user interface Large LCD guides user with plain-language prompts and error messages Display indicators keep you apprised of menu choice, measuring units, buffers standardized (in pH mode) and temperature No cryptic icons to learn: prompts and status/error messages are displayed in plain language Store up to 100 datapoints in nonvolatile memory Selectable resolution to 0.1, 0.01 or 0…

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7-1/2-Digit DMM

Keithley Instruments, Inc.

DMM users whose applications demand exceptional resolution, accuracy, and sensitivity combined with high throughput now have two attractive alternatives to high priced, high-end DMMs. Keithley's 7-1/2 digit Model 2001 and 8-1/2 digit Model 2002 High Performance Digital Multimeters not only deliver performance specifications usually associated only with instruments that cost thousands more, but they also offer a broad range of…

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