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ProxiMate is a robust, compact and extremely easy to use at-line NIR instrument specialized for the food and feed industry. The system considerably reduces downtime in production and provides quick and reliable quality control of batch samples. The intuitively designed interface allows operation by users of any skill level. A wide selection of precalibration packages make it suitable for any application.

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ETHOS X for Fat Determination


The process of fat determination in food and feed matrices is a routine analysis still relies on outdated and matrix-dependent methods which use obsolete and time-consuming technologies. The ETHOS X offers a new approach to gravimetric fat determination, moving toward a more modern, greener and more efficient approach to total fat, Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) and free fat determinations in food and feed matrices.

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MB Series Moisture Analyzers

Ohaus Corp.

MB35 The affordable moisture analyzerThe MB35 gives you the accuracy and reliability you need for moisture determination. Capacity: 35g Readability: 0.005gMB45 Superior accuracy and performanceThe MB45 combines state-of-the-art moisture analysis with user friendly software, graphic display, and enhanced heating options. Capacity: 45g Readability: 0.001g

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DKL Series and DK Series - Kjeldahl Digesters

Velp Scientifica

DK Series digesters are traditional digesters, consisting of an aluminum heating block to offer high thermal homogeneity. The DKL Series of digesters offers a premium level of automation: lowering and lifting of the samples take place automatically, as well as the separation between the test tubes and the suction cup. VELP digesters work in accordance with a variety of Standards (such as AOAC, ISO, EPA, DIN etc.)

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