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CLC bio

CLC bio presents its new software module for Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST). MLST is a portable and precise state-of-the-art technique for typing bacteria and yeast isolates. It is based on DNA sequence data from a number of house-keeping genes. For each gene, the experimental data is compared to a database of known alleles and a fi nal sequence type is assigned by combining information from all genes. Easy The CLC MLST Mod…

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Agilent Drug Discovery Services: ADME

Experience Better Productivity and Save Resources Too RapidFire data correlates identically with traditional LC-MS/MS methods Analyses are performed at a 10+ fold increase in cycle throughput, enabling us to provide 3 day turnaround RapidFire In Vitro ADME Analysis Services increase efficiencies while preserving your lab’s assay method integrity. We use the RapidFire 360 high-throughput TOF system to analyze CYP inhibition/ind…

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