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750D Heater/Circulator

Agilent Technologies

Rapid heating and temperature stability   This bench-mounted, all purpose, precision circulator is designed expressly for use with Agilent dissolution testing instrumentation. The 750D offers a small, space-saving design and an easy-to-read digital display.  

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Existent Gum Evaporation Bath

Koehler Instrument Company

Gum formed during fuel storage can deposit on induction system surfaces, intake valves, stems and guides. To test for gum content, a 50mL sample is evaporated in an aluminum block bath for a specified period under controlled conditions of temperature and flow of air (aviation and motor gasolines) or steam (aircraft turbine fuel).

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Digital Heating Shaking Drybath

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Increase lab versatility with the Thermo Scientific™ Digital Heating Shaking Drybath, which can be used as a drybath, shaker or both. PID control ensures consistent shaking results and precise temperature control. Drybath has a low-profile design and two types of timing modes.

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