Wet Digester B-440 by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Pre-incineration unit for precise ash determination

Wet Digester B-440 by Buchi product image
Wet Digester B-440 for ash determination with Kjeldahl
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The Wet Digester B-440 performs an environmentally friendly pre-incineration of all types of samples. Reproducible processes are guaranteed by programmable incineration ramps.

  • Accurate profiles (temperature versus time) are programmed and stored
  • Perfectly suited to ash and sulfated determination
  • Fully compliant with European Pharmacopeia
  • Increased workplace safety as acid fumes are trapped inside glass hood and removed by Scrubber K-415
  • Eliminates corrosion of fume hood and environmental pollution
  • Scrubber is fully controllable via digester
  • Quick reach of digestion temperature in every crucible
  • Wide temperature range available of up to to 600 °C
  • More flexibility with differently sized crucibles