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waters_connect is an informatics platform that helps analytical labs, their scientists, and extended ecosystem explore, discover, and push the boundaries of how laboratories use information.

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waters_connect for quantitative analysis
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The future of quantitation is here

Access the future of quantitation with waters_connect, the newest Waters software platform, now available on our core Xevo tandem quadrupole family of mass spectrometers. With waters_connect for quantitative analysis, you can:

  • Reduce time spent on data review by up to 50% with our unique Exception Focused Review (XFR) functionality
  • Process large sample batches fast using accelerated workflows that speed up and enhance your method development process
  • Ensure data integrity by quickly and easily converting data into meaningful results in an accurate, traceable, and secure manner
  • Reduce the training burden with software that enables all users to generate high quality data quickly and easily

Dramatically reduce your data review time

Reduce the time spent reviewing data by up to 50% using MS Quan, the new waters_connect application for mass spectrometry quantitative analysis. Its unique Exception Focused Review (XfR) functionality gives you the flexibility to implement tailored rulesets to focus your review process on the injections and analytes that need your attention the most. Combined with the exclusive batch dashboard, you get an immediate view of whether your batch has passed or failed, saving valuable time for other daily tasks.

Process large sample batches, fast

With automatic optimization and processing tools, you can process large sample batches more quickly and easily than ever before. Use the Acquisition Method Editor tool to build your processing method in seconds. Simply enter the compound information once for acquisition, then the compound information is automatically transferred to the processing method, saving hours of work by eliminating the need to manually create your processing method.

Data integrity tools built-in

Obtain accurate, high-quality data and more easily maintain data integrity using your Waters Xevo TQ-XS, Xevo TQ-S micro or Xevo TQ-S cronos system with waters_connect for mass spectrometry quantitative analysis. Advance your data integrity with electronic signatures, electronic review, and data integrity controls for traceability, and ensure confidence in meeting regulatory compliance requirements with built-in secure data management.

Quantitation, made simple

Reduce your training burden with intuitive software features like the data review dashboard, enabling any user to seamlessly generate high-quality LC-MS/MS data and report results with ease. Combined with advanced, always-ready support from Waters training, applications and support services, you can ensure you’re up and running as quickly as possible and maintaining your peak performance.