TurboCHO™ Bi-specific Antibody Expression by GenScript

Manufacturer GenScript
70+ different formats of bsAb produced; 5,000+ bsAb projects delivered; 6+ optimized processes provided

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TurboCHO™ Bi-specific Antibody Expression
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"Bi-specific antibodies (bsAbs) demonstrate novel functionalities that yield remarkable promise in improving the drug therapeutic efficacy through the recognition and targeting of two different antigens or epitopes. Although the optimized purification of mAbs serve as a good starting point for the purification of bsAbs, further optimization cannot be fully eliminated due to the differences in their intrinsic structural.

At GenScript, with the advanced 1) Specialized format design, 2) AI-driven codon optimization, 3) Optimized plasmid ratio, 4) Optimized production process, 5) Proprietary TurboCHO™cell line and 6) Multiple purification columns, GenScript can handle your bsAb projects from micrograms-level to grams-level seamlessly."