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TurboCHO™ Services (upgraded to 2.0 version starting at 5BDs)

TurboCHO™ Recombinant Protein Expression System

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Recombinant antibody expression in mammalian cells is crucial when post-translational modifications and appropriate folding are desired for downstream applications. Commonly, the top challenges of antibody expression projects are: 1) insufficient antibody yield 2) long time to completion, often taking several months 3) budget overruns. To lift up these bottlenecks, GenScript has launched its proprietary TurboCHO™ platform, which offers higher yield performance within a shorter time period. This cost-effective production system enables small to large-scale (microgram to kilogram) antibody production with a high level of consistency, making it an excellent complement for target discovery, pre-evaluation pipelines, and overall providing added value to users.

In addition, GenSmart™ Codon Optimization, an industry-standard free codon optimization tool, facilitates designing your gene sequence to maximize the possibility of obtaining functional antibodies through the TurboCHO™ expression system.

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