Sysmex CS-2500 System by Siemens Healthineers

Excel with confidence in your hemostasis testing

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Sysmex CS-2500 System
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The Sysmex® CS-2500 System—a fully automated coagulation analyzer—employs smartly designed technologies including assay-based preanalytical sample-quality checks using PSI™ technology, automated mixing studies, automated platelet aggregation,* and clot waveform analysis† for improved efficiency, exceptional accuracy, and reliable first-run results. Equipped with next-generation PSI technologies, the Sysmex CS-2500 System takes hemostasis testing to the next level and helps labs truly excel with confidence.


  • Approximately 180 simultaneous PT/APTT tests/hour.§
  • Cap-piercing technology allows mix of capped and uncapped tubes and cups for dependable throughput
  • Reagent capacity of up to 3000 tests,‡ with onboard capacity of up to 40 reagents and five additional buffer positions
  • Assay-based preanalytical sample-quality checks using PSI™ technology for HIL interference, primary-tube sample-volume checks and clog detection provide accurate and reliable results on the first run
  • Simultaneous multiwavelength analytical scanning detects and manages unsuitable samples to minimize retests and reflex testing.
  • Anti-evaporation caps and reagent table refrigerated at approximately 10⁰C maximize onboard reagent stability
  • Automated platelet aggregation* simplifies and automates assessment of inherited, acquired, or drug-induced platelet disorders
  • Clot waveform analysis† illustrates the optical reaction profile during PT or APTT measurement and provides qualitative and sensitive waveform patterns
  • Multidilution analysis (MDA), automated repeat, redilution, and reflex testing are consolidated on one platform

*Sysmex CE-marked application.
†Research use only.
‡Test capacities: PT—3000; PT/APTT—2880; PT/APTT/Fbg—2840.
§Throughput values were determined by the time to first result using Siemens’ study protocol with PT (Thromborel® S reagent) and APTT (Pathromtin™ SL reagent) test applications.

Sysmex is a registered trademark of Sysmex Corporation.