SW series Heated Ultrasonic Baths by Nickel-Electro Ltd

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd  |   Model: SW Series  |  Available Worldwide
High performance, durable Ultrasonic Baths for demanding applications.

SW series Heated Ultrasonic Baths by Nickel-Electro Ltd product image
Industrial strength Ultrasonic Baths

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A choice of six capacities, this range of heated ultrasonic baths are suitable for sonochemistry, degassing, sample dissolution and gentle efficient cleaning of delicate or fragile components/glassware especially where there may be a risk of breakage as a result of manual cleaning. Heaters ensure that optimum operating temperature for maximum ultrasonic efficiency is reached rapidly. High performance industrial strength transducers ensure consistant ultrasonic activity throughout the tank.


  • Stainless steel tank and housing.
  • Illuminated power, heater, timer and alarm indications.
  • Heating and timer controls.
  • Low liquid level audible alarm.
  • Sweep function to ensure even distribution of activity.
  • Auto degassing.
  • Boost function.
  • Heating element, safety cut out, liquid level and temperature sensors concealed providing a totally clear 'clutter free' working area.
  • Drain tap on 6 litre capacities and above.

Models available in the range from 1 litre to 90 litres.
Full range of accessory baskets and lids available.

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SW series Heated Ultrasonic Baths by Nickel-Electro Ltd product image

SW series Heated Ultrasonic Baths

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd  |  Available Worldwide

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